SATARII’s music is uncompromising and energetic. The rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist has her own creative vision and, thanks to her studies in jazz singing, also the tools to realize it. This year she presented her debut EP BLAUES FEUER, which she recorded almost entirely on her own. Only her co-producer Ambigo was at the mixing desk for two songs.

    What is important to her? The native of Hamburg definitely has no desire for ballads and love songs, as she reveals in the interview. The newcomer would much rather give people the strength to master their everyday lives with their heads held high: “First and foremost, I want people to feel self-confident when they hear my music. For me it’s always about the fight and it’s always going to the twelve.”

    In addition to the unmistakable message and the DIY charm, SATARII also has a captivatingly eccentric anime look with corresponding allusions – not least in the song “Azula”, named after the princess of the kingdom of fire in “Avatar – The Lord of the Elements”. Have a listen, but first check out the selfie video with SATARII!

    All Eyez On ME: with SATARII

    Music video: REDFOX @can.rfx
    Production: Felix Ferraris


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