Alina Kabajeva has been in the whirlwind of pregnancy and abortion rumors. Last week he praised Russia in public.

    Alina Kabajeva rarely appears in public. Photo from 2017. PDO

    President of Russia Vladimir Putin70, alleged mistress Alina Kabaeva, 39, appeared on the weekend after a long time in public. Kabajeva has appeared only a few times this year.

    According to the Daily Mail the Olympic champion opened a new gymnastics center in Sochi, Russia. The ex-athlete did not mention a word about Russia’s war in Ukraine or rumors about Putin’s health problems.

    Instead, Kabaeva praised Russia.

    – As an athlete, I could even dream of such conditions. Life shows that the possible is impossible. Russia is a country of great opportunities, he praised the new training center he opened.

    Kabajeva was last seen in public in September. According to the Daily Mail, the Russian website Starhit wrote at the time that the ex-gymnast seems to have lost weight and her face is “elegantly shaped”.

    Putin and Kabayeva have been rumored to have been treated by a plastic surgeon. According to the claims, the Russian state media is not allowed to cover the two’s relationship.


    Putin’s health has spoken. EPA/AOP

    According to rumors, the ex-gymnast has two children with Putin. According to the Swiss Sonntagszeitung newspaper, Kabajeva gave birth to the couple’s first son together in 2015 and the second in 2019.

    Kabaeva was allegedly pregnant again this spring. In September, it was rumored that Putin had ordered the ex-gymnast to have an abortion, which would have resulted in health problems.

    No confirmation has been received for either information.

    The United States put Kabaeva on its sanctions list in August. According to CNN, the ex-gymnast is on the list because “he works or has worked as a manager, civil servant, CEO or member of the Russian government”. The United States notes that Kabaeva has “a close relationship with Putin.”

    The Olympic winner belongs to Putin’s United Russia party, and has worked as a member of the Duma. The European Union and Great Britain already added Kabaeva to their sanctions lists in May-June.

    Kabajeva won Olympic gold in rhythmic gymnastics in Athens in 2004. During her career, she also celebrated Olympic bronze, world championships and several EC medals.

    The ex-athlete previously founded a gymnastics association that focuses exclusively on rhythmic gymnastics.