Alicia Kirchner, another K that gets off

Alicia Kirchner is closing her stage as governor of Santa Cruz. After two terms, she has already warned her that she does not plan to run for re-election, although the officialization is still pending. Like everything in Kirchnerism, the confirmation is prepared for the days closest to the closing date of the lists, to avoid inconvenient realignments. The province of Santa Cruz and that of Buenos Aires are the two districts that Kirchnerism is most interested in preserving.

The Santa Cruz electoral schedule is modeled on the national one, that is to say that next week, on June 14, the alliances must be defined and on June 24 the lists.

Since there is a Ley de Lemas in Santa Cruz, Kirchnerism is preparing two or three candidates for the electoral contest that promises to be a tight fight. Among the applicants that are already being considered there are three mayors: Javier Belloni, from El Calafate; Pablo Grasso from Río Gallegos and Fernando Cotillo, from Caleta Olivia, as published by the Opi Santa Cruz portal.

The final decision will be in the hands of Cristina Kirchner, who also has the president of YPF, Pablo González, as another possible candidate for provincial power. González was deputy governor of Alicia Kirchner in the 2015-2019 period, at a time when Mauricio Macri occupied the Casa Rosada. The then president was in the middle of a war with Kirchnerism and Santa Cruz was going through serious economic problems. From those years, Cristina Kirchner remembers that González was a skillful interlocutor before an opposition government, something that is expected to be repeated for the next period.

Banking. Next month Alicia Kirchner will be 77 years old and a position as a senator lasts six, so her term would end at 83. It is ruled out that she will be a senator, because, even if Kirchnerism loses the province, two senators enter for the majority and one for the majority. The minority.
This week, based on a photo of Alicia K with “Wado” De Pedro, a rumor began to spread in Santa Cruz that the governor is a possible vice-candidate in a one hundred percent K formula. Alicia signed the document of the Peronist governors who asked for a single candidate and “federal integration” in the formula, a fact that feeds the rumor of her as vice.

The real fear for Cristina Kirchner in Santa Cruz is the general secretary of the local oil union, Claudio Vidal, who is a national deputy and has a mandate until 2025. Vidal is in Buenos Aires, he has acted as an ally of Kirchnerism, but for these hours He negotiates his pass to “Cambia Santa Cruz”, the provincial variant of Together for Change. Although his arrival presents resistance. A part of the provincial radicalism, allied to Gerardo Morales, wants it, and another does not.

Meanwhile, Alicia is saying goodbye.

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