Ali, who was deported to Pakistan, will not return to the Netherlands for the time being

Ali, who was deported to Pakistan, will not be brought back to the Netherlands for the time being. The emergency proceedings initiated by his lawyer on behalf of Ali have been rejected.

Ali fled from Pakistan to the Netherlands in 2019 because he is homosexual and this is prohibited in his home country. In the asylum center of Hoogeveen he met his friend Radja, with whom he entered into a registered partnership.

However, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) announced that Ali’s homosexual orientation had not been made plausible and the judge agreed. According to the IND, no investigation is carried out into the orientation of those involved during partnership registration.

Ali, whose asylum procedure was stopped, ended up in immigration detention and was recently put on a plane to Pakistan. He has been in hiding there for almost two weeks, says Sandro Kortekaas of LGBT Asylum Support, an organization that stands up for the interests of LGBTI asylum seekers. “I can imagine that he feels incredibly unsafe.”

Both the organization and Ali’s lawyer Paul Stieger do not accept the provisional decision. For example, an appeal procedure is still underway against the termination of Ali’s asylum procedure, in the hope of eventually obtaining a residence permit in the Netherlands.