Ali Jahangir’s concert uproar: Naantali spa apologizes

The Naantali spa says it failed to intervene in the incident.

Ali Jahangir’s performance on Saturday was interrupted due to an incident. Inka Soveri

The Naantali spa apologizes to the comedian By Ali Jahangir scene of the gig.

Jahangiri performed at the Naantali spa on Saturday. The gig took a drastic turn when a woman sitting in the audience got angry at Jahangir’s jokes and the two started shouting at each other. The events of the gig were captured on video, which went viral on social media.

Hotel manager of the Naantali Spa Erika Rinne says the article published on the spa’s website in the statement Jahangir’s performance was interrupted at the beginning.

– Although there was the usual and required number of orderlies, we apologize to both the evening’s audience and our performers for not having intervened quickly enough in the disturbance that occurred during the performance and the subsequent incident. In this way, the escalation of the situation and the subsequent interruption of the show could have been avoided. This was an unfortunate mistake on our part and we are sorry about it, the spa informs on its website.

– We have already gone through Saturday’s extraordinary event internally. We will learn from what happened and will increase the amount of order control and staff guidance for future events. We are also sorry that the situation has been described contrary to the organizer’s instructions.

The spa informs that it is personally in touch with all customers of the evening.

Jahangir’s jokes have caused aggravation on social media as well. Inka Soveri

“Shouldn’t have been nervous”

Iltalehti reached Jahangir to comment on the incident by e-mail on Sunday.

– It was a ticket selling gig of my solo tour to which people had bought tickets. The people in the video were disrupting the show the whole time and I tried to resolve the situation calmly at first, unfortunately without success.

– Shouldn’t have gotten nervous and let the situation get out of hand. Filming the show was also forbidden, so it’s a shame that such a video is shot and published, because the audience is unwillingly involved in such a thing. As a performer, I’m used to this and I can handle it, but the other parties are private individuals and I don’t think this kind of thing should be published. I apologize for my behavior and I hope that those involved will accept my apology, Jahangiri commented.

Ali Jahangiri competed in Dancing with the Stars in 2017. IL-TV