Alexander Pechtold about the piss after comment about affair in VI?

Is Alexander Pechtold pissed off when his TV girlfriend Hélène Hendriks is and square public about his alleged ex-mistress and third child? She swallowed her words quickly yesterday…

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It is no secret that former D66 leader Alexander Pechtold is not nearly as good as he seems, but he has always gotten away with the accusations against him relatively easily, because it took place before the resistance to transgressive behavior took off. Now, years later, he still doesn’t seem to want to talk about all those accusations.

Third child

Years ago, Alexander was suddenly plagued by an ex-mistress who came forward with her story. At some point, this Anne Lok will even be at Twan Huys’ talk show table. She states that the former politician forced her to have an abortion, but also that she currently has a child that is said to be Alexander’s. He himself denies that.

In any case, that is far from the only thing, because the Story pilloried him two years ago by putting him on the cover with a fierce headline. ‘Pechtold is accused of lists of women and even rape’, it read large. And in the magazine: ‘Pechtold and two party members kept a list of conquests.’


That issue never exploded, because Alexander was quite lucky: the piece appeared the afternoon before Johan Derksen became the subject of a national media riot. So no attention was paid to it. And with that the matter has always been left hanging in a vacuum; today it is little more than a forbidden subject.

Johan Derksen briefly talked about it at the dinner table last night Today Inside, because Alexander will be a guest tomorrow evening in the Hélène Hendriks show De Oranjezondag. “Alexander doesn’t always do it with a condom, does he?”

‘I say nothing!’

Hélène initially wants to comment on it, but decides to swallow her words. “No, I understand that, but we may have to deal with that for a while… No, I’m not saying anything by the way.”

Wilfred Genee surprised: “Who doesn’t always use a condom?”

Hélène: “Alexander.”

Johan: “Alexander Pechtold.”


Wilfred warns Hélène not to bring this up if she wants Pechtold at her talk show table tomorrow. “I think if you bring that up…”

Hélène: “Then he won’t come anymore.”

Wilfred: “Then he won’t come, I think, no. I have that feeling too.”

Hélène: “So I’ll keep my mouth shut.”