Alessia Marcuzzi to Francesca Fagnani: I’ll host

ANDhilarious social scene between Alessia Marcuzzi and Francesca Fagnani. The two faces of Rai are ready to return to TV: the former, in fact, is preparing the second season of Very boomingwhile the second has already started the new episodes of Beasts. Before returning to work, however, they shared the Stories of Instagram theirs meeting behind the scenes of the Viale Mazzini studios. And there was no shortage of jokes and jokes between the two.

Alessia Marcuzzi, the

The return of Francesca Fagnani

The fun video begins with Francesca Fagnani ready to enter her dressing room. The Belve presenter does not hide her happiness at returning to TV. «How nice, here we start again and finally they put my name on the door and not that of Nino Frassica“, He says. Instead, as soon as the door is opened, here’s the surprise: Alessia Marcuzzi is in her dressing room.

Didn’t they tell you? I’ll drive

Incredulous, Fagnani immediately discovers the reason for that surprise: «So, they didn’t tell you?» Alessia Marcuzzi asks her seriously. And she, looking at her colleague’s incredulous face, points out: «That is, you were suspended and therefore replaced and I’m in charge?».

What did I do?

The presenter’s reaction was immediate Beasts: «What did I do?» he asks her, referring to his replacement. «I don’t know, you have to tell me this if you want» replies the colleague. And she adds: «Anyway you come, you already have the hot seat for make-up, hair and costumes. However, I’m driving, there’s this problem here, so, do you want to do something?». And they both burst out laughing, sharing a moment of friendship that goes beyond work.