Alessandro Cattelan: «Sanremo 2025? I would do it for my grandmother”

Qthat of Alessandro Cattelan And one of the eligible names for Sanremo 2025. After Amadeus’ farewell, will the 43-year-old host take his place as host of the Festival? «I don’t know anything about it» he says to Mara Venier who interviewed him at Sunday in. But he doesn’t hide the fact that, if a proposal were to arrive, his answer would be affirmative.

Alessandro Cattelan, the new cut is

Alessandro Cattelan at Sanremo 2025?

«In this country Sanremo is an institution. If someone calls you you don’t have to think about it, you have to answer “present” and go» said the host of Cattelan is here tonight. While underlining that the Festival «It’s something gigantic, especially for someone like me which has always had a different profile with the late evening and a certain type of exposure that is not that of the daily newspaper”.

But when Mara Venier points out to him that hosting Sanremo is a point of arrival for a TV professional, he has no doubts: «It’s clearly the program that brings everyone together” He says. Also aware that this work «is nice to face as a challenge, a game».

I would do it for my grandmother

Alessandro Cattelan at the press conference for “Stasera c’è Cattelan”. (GettyImages)

Alessandro Cattelan then also reveals that he would agree to host Sanremo 2025 for a special reason: to make his grandmother Lia happy and reassure her about his work. «Do you know what would be really cool to do this for? For my grandmother. She is 93 years old. At this moment I think he is in his chair. She has the television in front of her. Since I’ve been working late at night he goes to sleep earlier and doesn’t see me anymore. He thinks he’s unemployed and so he asks my mom “But is he still working?”» quips the host.

Who will host Sanremo 2025?

Not just Alessandro Cattelan. There are many names circulating regarding the conduct of the next Festival. Among the most popular ones are the names of Laura Pausini and Paola Cortellesi. But rumors have also circulated about Paolo Bonolis, Carlo Conti, Milly Carlucci and Gigi D’alessio. The name of is also circulating on Instagram Lorella Cuccarini: after co-hosting this year’s Festival, many followers dream of seeing her again next year as host. Not only. According to Claudio Cecchetto, who spoke at A day as a sheep, Stefano De Martino and Marco Liorni they could be good options. Or you could think of female management: «Alessia Marcuzzi would be fun».