Aleksandr Bolšunov rips other ski resorts

According to Bolšunov, Johannes Kläbo has not even had to try in the World Cup.

Russian skiing star Alexander Bolshunov has watched the past winter’s ski competitions with dismay.

Russian athletes have not been able to participate in the World Cup, and Bolšunov thinks that this is clearly visible in the level of the competitions.

Norwegian Johannes Kläbo currently leads the men’s world cup overall. He has been completely overpowered at times.

– He didn’t even have to try. But that’s not it, he has done enough to win, says Bolšunov Championatin in the interview.

According to Venäläkarpaas, there would be challengers from the east for Kläbo as well.

– Kläbo is the best skier in the world when there are no Russians involved. I’m not taking anything away from his achievements, but our participation would make the Games more interesting for everyone – including himself, Bolshunov vows.

– I am sure that we would have given Johannes a hard time both in individual competitions and in the overall competition.

Aleksandr Bolšunov believes that Johannes Kläbo would have a challenge from the Russians. PDO