Alba wants to “continue to build momentum” against Anadolu

From BZ/dpa

After the last four victories in just nine days, the basketball players are going into the next tasks with new self-confidence.

“It feels good and it’s more fun again. The goal now is to build momentum further,” said the national player Maodo Lo. On Thursday, the Berliners will play the defending champion Anadolu Efes Istanbul in the Euroleague at home (8 p.m.).

Alba guard Maodo Lo

Alba guard Maodo Lo recently presented himself in top form Photo: picture alliance / nordphoto GmbH

As the penultimate table, Alba is not much at stake anymore in terms of sport. Because the playoffs can no longer be reached in the last five games.

However, such games are not unimportant, says Luke Sikma. “It’s also about constantly improving at the end of the season. But these games are always big tests,” said the Alba captain.

Luke Sikma was the second-best thrower in Berlin with 11 points

Luke Sikma takes the game against Anadolu very seriously, even if Alba doesn’t have a chance for the playoffs anymore Photo: City Press

Especially since Anadolu currently falls far short of their own expectations as eleventh in the table. Coach Israel Gonzalez nevertheless warns against the Turks. “They certainly have some problems this season. But they still have a very strong team. And if they want things, then they can have them. Right now they are dangerous,” said the Spaniard.

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However, it is still unclear which players Gonzalez can plan with on Thursday.

Because behind the appearances of the recently injured or ailing players such as Tamir Blatt (thumb), Johannes Thiemann (knee), Yovel Zoosman and Yanni Wetzell (back) is still a question mark.

“We’ll have to wait and see,” Gonzalez announced.

At least the Spaniard hopes to be able to play with twelve players again. Only ten fit players were left against Ludwigsburg on Sunday. Worries about injuries are a constant companion for the Berliners this season. “You have to acknowledge that it’s an insane burden,” Lo said. Like other national players, it hits him particularly hard. “They’ve been suffering from constant ups and downs this season,” lamented Gonzalez.