The Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaifionce again showed his disagreement with the so-called economic ‘levers’ that the FC Barcelona to be able to make signings and that it is not clear that they are entirely legal.

    “Is it fair? No, it’s not fair. Is it legal? I’m not sure. If it’s allowed, others will do the same. UEFA, of course, has its own financial regulations and I’m sure they’re going to look at everything.” Khelaifi in an interview published this Wednesday by the portal ‘Politico’.

    repeated criticism

    The Qatari had already been critical of this maneuver by the Catalan team during the Assembly of the Association of European Clubs (ECA) that he himself chairs and where he had warned that “dangerous levels of debt and magical capital agreements are not a sustainable path “.

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    On the other hand, at a time when other ways are being explored to increase the spectacle and the ways of income, he asked to “be careful” with what they are “changing in football” because you have to “respect the fans”.

    In this sense, the president of PSG was “really sure that nobody will allow the Super League to go ahead”. “We need to think of everyone, not just ourselves. The super league it was just about themselves,” he said, reiterating that he would “never” join this project.