Ajax, so Alfred Schreuder at the press conference: his words

    Alfred Schreudertechnician of Ajax spoke at the press conference presenting the match of Champions League between Ajax and Naples. Here is how much of his words was highlighted by CalcioNapoli1926.it:

    “We were criticized after Saturday’s game, I know we had to win. We didn’t express our game but I can’t say anything to my boys. We are aware, however, that we want to improve. We have confidence in ourselves and against Napoli we can make a It will be important to have the right motivations against such a strong team, it is one of the strongest in Serie A. This is demonstrated by the fact that they are still unbeaten. ”

    “Only Kapland and Jorge Sanchez will not be in the match”.

    “He is doing well, we have to contain him and we will succeed if we play as a team. Together with Zielinski he is very strong ball and chain”.

    “We had little time to train, for now we have tried solutions 11 against 11. We have done some video analysis to make us find the best. The team we will face is strong, Napoli are almost as strong as Liverpool even if the Reds are. more important. Napoli and Liverpool play a lot in attack, just like us “.

    “We have seen many matches for the Italian club, they are strong and confident. Mario Rui is very important to get the ball rolling. Napoli dominated Milan in the second half and did the same with Leicester. We will try to do better in possession. We need to score more goals than our opponents in this double match. It may well be that Ajax and Napoli close the qualifying round on equal points. ”

    “They are two top players, Zielinski and Lobotka are doing really well.”

    “We are happy that he is with us, but we also have other players who can play as center-forward. Lucca will give us a big hand.”

    “We cannot make comparisons with last year. We have young players that we are trying to include.”

    On Napoli and on Italian football

    “If Napoli is the least Italian team of all? Today in Italy there are many teams that play with an offensive mentality, in Italy it is no longer the same as before”