Tooske Ragas is shocked that André Hazes Jr. is again completely slaughtered. Even the premiere date of his Videoland series provokes fierce reactions. “It’s raining criticism.”

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    André Hazes Jr. reached all show media this week because he announced the premiere date of his five-part series on Videoland. The articles about this from sections such as RTL Boulevard and Shownieuws have provoked thousands of savage reactions. “Well, I don’t need to see that annoying little guy. Does he want to win souls again?”

    Bakken Hazes criticism

    Shownieuws presenter Tooske Ragas is shocked by the persistent Hazes hatred. “Although the word was already out yesterday, it actually continues to rain quite a bit of criticism today,” she noted in Shownieuws last night.

    Colleague Bart Ettekoven said: “Yes, yes, we really noticed that on the platforms on which this was announced – eh, on Videoland itself, at RTL, but also in the messages in the entertainment sections – there was an enormous deluge of dredge. and criticism of the Hazes family is poured out. That is actually a trend of the past year.”

    96 percent dredging

    It is not just criticism, but really serious criticism, Tooske emphasizes. “Let me tell you: do you get more dredging than other people? Because everyone is criticized on social media.”

    Bart: “Yes, but this is quite a lot. You saw it too, didn’t you, Wil?

    Photographer William Rutten said: “Yes, it is really bizarre. It’s really hundreds of comments and maybe 4 percent positive and 96 percent just crap, yes. It is the family you love to hate.”

    ‘Very outspoken’

    Shownieuws has asked its viewers whether they are waiting for the Hazes documentary: 85 percent answer no, 9 percent yes and 6 percent have no opinion. Tooske: “I think that’s very outspoken. This is very negative then.”

    Bart: “You can see that with all the pollen that is about this family. It often goes towards the negative. André has lost a lot of sympathy with the general public.”

    Criticism of Guido

    Shownieuws also had a poll about who is considered the most sympathetic member of the Hazes family. Roxeanne gets 31 percent, the late André senior 27 percent, André junior 5 percent and Rachel? Only 1 percent. “So apparently our colleague Guido also voted in this poll”, Bart sneezes.

    Bart points to the criticism that Guido receives because he is a bosom friend of Rachel. “You can notice that Guido is a friend of mother and son Hazes. He praises everything they do. slime ball. While he kicks Andre senior’s daughter into the ground”, say Show news viewer Ellie for example.

    You can read the countless hate reactions about André on the Facebook page from Show news.