After two years, finally premiere for ‘Puss in Boots’: “Children have grown bigger”

Theater Free Being in Oudorp has also been sighing under all the corona restrictions over the past two years. The new performance ‘De Gelaarsde Kat en de enchanted Alkmaarders’ was supposed to premiere in 2020, but had to be postponed twice. This week it’s finally time: Friday evening the public can admire the production of Anderson Farah.

“I wrote De Gelaarsde Kat about four years ago. And in 2020 we thought we would celebrate the premiere,” Anderson tells media partner Alkmaar Central† “Premiere one cancelled, premiere two cancelled. And now we are very happy that we can finally celebrate the premiere.”

The delays have resulted in extra work, especially for the costume department. Karin Toorenburg: “Before covid we were very far with a fantastic team of seamstresses, a lot had already been made. But then covid comes, you are two years further: children have grown, children have lost weight, new cast members have started. you actually go through all the costumes again. What still fits, what doesn’t fit.”

family show

All this time, it was not easy to stimulate the 120 volunteers involved in the Vrij His Theater, Anderson confesses. “To motivate them during this time was really a job. But, they really deserve to show this beautiful, colorful explosive family performance to everyone.”

The premiere will take place on April 8 at 8 p.m. After that, there are two more evening performances and seven matinees. More on