After the second birth: Ludwig on a beach comeback – “I don’t want to mess around”

Status: 02.08.2022 2:33 p.m

About four months after the birth of her second son, Olympic champion Laura Ludwig wants to start training again for her beach volleyball comeback.

“At the beginning of September, mid-September, I want to stand regularly in the sand again,” said the 36-year-old in Hamburg on the occasion of the presentation of her book “Gold is a question of faith”. “Until then, I’ll keep building my body,” She said. Her current serious training is right now “her ten minutes of postnatal exercises daily”, she said smiling.

Ludwig’s goal is to take part in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Her new partner is Louisa Lippmann. As a world-class indoor player, the 27-year-old switched to the sand at the beginning of the year and moved to Hamburg to do so. It is still unclear who will train the two, said Ludwig. “We are in talks and we are working on the team.”

“Still very ambitious”

she wants to have fun “but that doesn’t mean: peace, joy, pancakes”stressed Ludwig. “I’m still very ambitious. I know that I only have fun with quality. I want to be back on the field and have my success again. I don’t just want to mess around.”

Ludwig had won Olympic gold in Rio in 2016 together with Kira Walkenhorst. In June 2018 she became a mother for the first time. Ludwig started her comeback with Margareta Kozuch. The duo finished fifth at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. “That’s when I realized that I still had potential”said Louis.