Status: 06.01.2023 10:55 a.m

    The German Skating Union is rethinking after the poor performance at the Olympics. From now on, more will be placed on promising disciplines.

    “We want to focus more on our most promising disciplines”said the DEU sports director Claudia Pfeifer of the German Press Agency. “It’s no secret that we have insane international competition in the men’s and women’s divisions.” It’s difficult to find the connection.

    “On the other hand, in pair skating we have a much older age and long-term development prospects.” This also applies to ice dancing.

    Concentration of forces: Only three bases left

    “That’s why we don’t want to lose talented individual skaters and offer them a change of discipline to ice dancing or pair skating and show that there is still a perspective.”, Piper said. In addition, by reducing the previous five bases to those in Berlin, Dortmund and Oberstdorf, a concentration and thus more competition in training should be created.

    Chemnitz can become a base again

    The bases in Chemnitz and Mannheim have had their status revoked. However, Pfeifer does not rule out Chemnitz becoming a location again: “That’s what we want to work for.”