After the NEWS investigation, one of the authors plagiarized by Milei spoke

In May 2022, this magazine featured on its cover all the plagiarisms it had made. Javier Milei in his then last book, “Pandenomics.” Today the libertarian is President, and the authors who were copied by the current president gained international relevance. From Spain one of them spoke: “There are entire pages copied from an article of mine,” says Antonio Guirao, a Spanish physicist who works at the University of Murcia.

He found out that it had been stolen by Milei when the journalist called him Tomas Rodriguez, who working for NOTICIAS discovered the plagiarism. in his book Pandemonicsfrom 2020, Milei copies without citing several passages from Guirao’s articles.

Milei's Book

In the first case it is “The mathematics of epidemics: Mexico 2009 case and others”, written by Salvador Galindo, Alberto Rodríguez and Jorge Cervantes, in the magazine Ergo sum science2013, published by the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico.

Milei's plagiarism

In the second case it is “Understanding an epidemic: The coronavirus in Spain, situation and scenarios”, written by Antonio Guirao, in the Spanish Journal of Physics, 2020, published by the Royal Spanish Society of Physics.

Now the physicist spoke in an interview with the channel “The sixth”, which quickly went viral in Spain and also in Argentina. “I acquired the book on the Internet and I was able to see first-hand that there were entire pages copied from an article of mine,” she says in the note.

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