Status: 08/05/2022 8:48 p.m

    After two wins at the start of the season in the 2nd Bundesliga, Fortuna Düsseldorf has to put up with the first setback: After a superior first half, the Rhinelanders lost control in the second half. Janik Bachmann (46th) gave SV Sandhausen the lead 42 seconds after the restart – and could have even extended it. Fortuna’s final offensive came too late, the hosts remained 1-0.

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    Tough first half between Fortuna Düsseldorf and Sandhausen

    The first (and one of the few) sharp scenes of the game belonged to the guests from the Rhineland. Dawid Kownacki had prevailed on the left side of the penalty area and pushed the ball in front of the sixteen on Shinta Appelkamp. His shot was deflected off the box by Tom Trybull.

    Coach Daniel Thioune’s team presented themselves confidently in the first half hour, letting the ball and opponents run cleverly. However, in the last third there was often a lack of precision and therefore also the goals.

    Shortly before the break, SV Sandhausen approached the Düsseldorf goal dangerously for the first time. But Erik Zenga’s shot (37th minute) from twelve meters flew just over the box. The selection of coach Alois Schwartz was able to make the game much more balanced in the last few minutes.

    Third shot on goal brings Sandhausen 1-0

    A cold shower for Fortuna Düsseldorf in the 46th minute: Less than 45 seconds were played in the second half when Janik Bachmann was a step faster and deflected Chima Okoroji’s cross into the far corner with his left toe.

    Fortuna Düsseldorf was deeply impressed by this and initially didn’t get back into the rhythm at all. Sandhausen determined the game, Florian Kastenmeier saved Fortuna with a nice flight before Trybull conceded the next goal (58th). Immediately afterwards, offensive man Rouwen Hennings had to scrape Trybull’s next sharp ball off the line.

    Sandhausen saves the lead – Ginczek is missing centimeters

    In the final quarter of an hour, Düsseldorf had overcome the shock and was overwhelmingly superior to walling sand houses. However, as in the first half, the hosts’ crosses just weren’t precise enough in front of goal until substitute Daniel Ginczek volleyed the goal from the turn. Kastenmeier deflected the shot just wide of the goal – Düsseldorf’s final offensive came too late.

    Sandhausen travels to Karlsruhe on the 4th matchday on Saturday (08/13/2022), Düsseldorf plays against Fürth on Sunday.