After a hit-and-run: arrest warrant DNA allegedly found at the scene of the accident

Was there an arrest warrant behind the wheel of the car that drove into a bakery in Darmstadt?

On January 30th, a car drove at high speed into the middle of a bakery in Darmstadt. The shop’s window glass broke and a 23-year-old customer had to be treated in hospital with minor injuries. The building suffered material damage amounting to around 50,000 euros, as the South Hesse police revealed in a press release. But the driver of the car that caused the accident is currently still on the run. According to rumors, rapper arrest warrant is said to have been involved in the matter or even to have been the driver. Now there could be new evidence in the case.

Why is there talk of an arrest warrant here?

Eyewitnesses initially stated that they knew the person who caused the accident: They claimed to have seen the arrest warrant and his rap colleague Soufian on site. “Bild” also reported at the end of January that the vehicle appeared to belong to an arrest warrant. The 38-year-old is said to have climbed out of the vehicle with two other people after the crash and left the scene of the accident in another car, according to the witness statement. It is not known whether the Offenbach musician was seen behind the wheel himself. If these suspicions are confirmed, it means a hit-and-run arrest warrant – and that means a large fine or even a prison sentence.

DNA traces on the steering wheel

As an update, “Bild” now states that it has heard from “investigative circles” that traces of the rapper’s DNA were found on the steering wheel of the accident car. An arrest warrant should now even be considered the main suspect. However, there is no official statement from the police, nor has there been an arrest warrant or even Soufian has commented on the allegations.