After a cancer diagnosis: HFC professional Niklas Kreuzer undergoes chemotherapy

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I don’t really want to take up this topic, but the sixth young guy with cancer in the recent past – there are always these allegations about the Corona vaccination.
I’ve been vaccinated myself, but getting an illness like this at this age is certainly possible, but then with this regularity? (Not to forget Neuer’s skin tumor, which wasn’t mentioned in the article) Ok, maybe that sounds like a lot at first, because the media report about it specifically or the players go public with it.
Certainly today’s lifestyle can also be the reason, but I wonder why that’s such a thing with athletes in particular?! Or do they get prescribed any medicines, stimulants, etc. that are harmful to health?
It’s all strange.

Anyway, get well soon.

To be fair: in 2021 we had just over 1000 professional footballers in Germany, the prevalence of cancer (all together) in Germany is about five percent – if there were 50 professional footballers. The six are, unfortunately, completely within the limits, and as professionals, they receive much more medical care than “normal” employees like you and me. In addition, the age group of the six professionals named in the article is precisely the one that is predestined for testicular cancer.

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In contrast to almost all other cancers, most cases occur at a comparatively early age between 25 and 45 years. The mean age at diagnosis is 37 years. Testicular cancer is the most common malignant tumor in men in this age group.

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Given the data on cancer in Germany, I’m almost amazed that more professional footballers haven’t met this fate. Cancer is, also due to the living conditions today, a growing point of concern, but until now all professionals whose diagnoses we “had to” read about here had a happy ending on their side. I am also convinced that this will also have Kreuzer. The trail sucks, the chemo sucks, but it’s worth it – all fingers are crossed towards the hall!