Afghans call for Prince Harry to be tried in international court | show

A relative of Afghan victims of a British airstrike in 2011 has called for Prince Harry to be tried and punished for killing 25 compatriots during his military service. The prince announces this number in his memoirs and that revelation has drawn a lot of criticism in his own country and Afghanistan.

“We ask the international community to take this person to court,” Mullah Abdullah said of Prince Harry in a video for US media. “And we should be compensated for those we lost. We lost our home, our lives and relatives, we lost our livelihood and also our loved ones.” Abdullah says he lost nine family members in an airstrike by the British army.

A similar call was also protested in the Afghan province of Helmand. “It is a shame that he talks about this so proudly,” says a member of the provincial council in Helmand Sky News. “We demand not only that he face an international court, but also that the international community punish him as soon as possible.”

‘I’m not ashamed of it’

Prince Harry talks about the number of deaths he was involved in when he was in the army in his forthcoming book. He did not see those victims as people but as chess pieces, as has already been leaked. “It was not something I got satisfaction from,” he writes. “But I was not ashamed of it.”

Political and military reactions in his own country show that the mention of a specific number in particular is not appreciated. The Taliban immediately rubbed their hands on social media. The fundamentalists described him as ‘cruel’ and ‘barbaric’. It also puts Harry in a difficult position himself. His base in California may become the target of terrorist attacks.