Adam Fantilli, who lived in Patrik Laine’s house, revealed a new side of the Finn: “He is a real wizard”

Adam Fantilli told the Blue Jackets website how life together with Patrik Laine went.

Patrik Laine is praised for his cooking skills. AOP / USA TODAY Sports

Newcomer to Columbus Adam Fantilli18, is impressed Patrik Laine cooking skills.

– His cooking is unreal, and I’m not really lying. He is a real wizard with the air fryer, says Fantilli on the club’s website.

The young man got to enjoy Laine’s cooking when the Finn took him to live with him in the summer.

– He has made us some pretty good steaks in the air fryer – and his chicken was really good too. Even the minute risk was pretty good, Fantilli continues to gloat.

– He knows what he’s doing in the kitchen.

Laine was a bit confused when she heard about Fantill’s comments.

– He praised my food, even though I know it’s not very good. He said it was unreal but I’m not sure if I should believe him or not.

Laine did not agree to take on the mantle of master chef.

– The air fryer does most of the work. You can’t mess with it.

“I wanted to help”

Laine, who lives in the city center with her girlfriend, wanted to help Fantill as soon as he had signed a rookie contract with Columbus.

– I thought with my girlfriend that we would give him the opportunity to live with us, to get better with the team and see how things work here. We were really happy to have him with us. He is a good guy, Laine says.

The native of Tampere certainly has a lot to give to Fantill both on and off the ice, as he himself was in a similar situation in 2016.

– I was the second booking, and he was booked third. With that comes a lot of expectations for an 18-year-old, and it’s not easy to play in this league at 18, Laine knows.

A pair of radars

Fantilli thanks Laine and his girlfriend for their hospitality. The youngster is happy that he got to know the team’s superstar right away.

– I love fooling around and making him smile and move. I have enjoyed it a lot, says Fantilli.

Based on the training camp and practice games, the duo’s chemistry also works on the ice. The duo immediately hit the same chain, which has produced results in the form of handsome goals.

Although Laine is known as a goal shooter, the man is also an excellent passer.

Fantilli, who won the goal exchange in the university series last season, has been able to immediately notice Laine’s excellent playmaking skills.

– I feel that we think about the game in the same way, Fantilli sees.

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Adam Fantilli (right) has flashed his skills in training games. AOP / USA TODAY Sports

Good heart

Columbus head coach Pascal Vincent already cooperated with Laine in his first NHL season in Winnipeg, when Vincent was an assistant coach of the Jets.

Vincent was not surprised that Laine immediately took Fantill under her wing.

– I know Patrik better than anyone else here, and he has a good heart. If he can do that, he will. He feels like a leader, even though he is still somewhat of a young player, says Vincent.

The 25-year-old Finn is already starting his eighth season in the NHL.

– He feels that he is being listened to. He can talk. He is respected in the locker room, and the guys like him, Vincent describes Laine’s position in the team.

Columbus’ training games continue against St. Louis on Wednesday morning at 3:00 a.m. Finnish time. The Blue Jackets’ first series game is on 13.10. against Philadelphia.

It remains to be seen whether Laine and Fantill’s everyday life is as rosy as their honeymoon.