Ad Sassuolo: “Berardi is already recovering: how long will he still be out! Doig and Kumbulla…”

Giovanni Carnevali, CEO of Sassuolo, spoke to Sky and TMW Radio about the black-green market. Here are his words.

John CarnivalsCEO of Sassuolo, spoke thus to the microphones of Sky And TMW Radio of the neroverdi market: “We were looking for a midfielder, we also had Defrel leaving for Granada: he dropped out at the last minute because he didn’t want to go, we revised our plans and we stayed like this. We are always attracted to young Italians, we have always We looked for promising guys and in this market there wasn’t much choice. We’re happy, we have a good team and it wasn’t necessary to spend too much compared to the value of the players.”

BERARDI – “I hope he recovers soon, it’s the most important thing because it’s a significant loss. It will take another twenty days, although Mimmo is already recovering. He is our champion, but we have many other smart guys who will be able to give us a hand. For what next season will be, we will have time to think about it and evaluate with him: I would like him to always remain with us, but if there are opportunities for his value, I think it is right for him to listen to them too.”