ORggi, June 24, is St. John Baptist.

    This important day also encompasses a tradition that has been going on for many many years.

    The tradition of June 24th

    In the night between 23 and 24 Junein fact, there is a special tradition that unites legends and mysteries. It is that of the preparation of the water of San Giovanni.

    It is about a very fragrant blend which is said to bring fortune And love.

    There are numerous legends linked to this tradition. Many report that in ancient times on this night the gods made the new born pass in the form of dew.

    If we refer, instead, to the Christian tradition, the gesture of washing face and hands with water prepared during the night is instead a reference to the baptism of St. John the Baptist. In short, an opportunity for redemption. And of purification of one’s soul.

    Finally, it is believed that the water of San Giovanni can bring prosperity and may protect crops and stave off droughtan issue unfortunately on the agenda in our country.

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    The preparation of the water of San Giovanni

    For the preparation of San Giovanni water there are no such strict rules.

    The important thing is that they collect herbs and flowers after sunset on June 23. Hypericum it’s perfect, but they’re fine too lavender, wild fennel, rosemary, poppy, mallow, verbena, rose, elderberry, mint, chamomile, sage and passion flower.

    Everything is then inserted in a basin full of water And left outdoors overnightso that the herbs and flowers can then absorb the morning dew.