Accomplice caught by robber inspector – it’s a cop too!

By Michael Behrendt and Maren Wittge

The case caused great horror: a police officer (48) had stopped a driver on the Berlin city highway using his service equipment and stole 57,000 euros. The alleged perpetrator: A Berlin chief inspector.

Now SEK elite police officers have also arrested his accomplice – it is also a Berlin police officer!

Flashback: On July 19 – according to the official police report – the duo stopped their victim at Messedamm with special signals and a police signal. Bülent L., of Turkish origin, identified himself as a police officer. He and his accomplice searched the vehicle, confiscated mobile phones and 57,000 euros in cash – this sum did not appear in the confiscation report. The 62-year-old driver had to watch the action handcuffed in the company car.

As a result, internal investigations were carried out intensively, and the officials came across a colleague. According to BZ information, it should be Mehmet A. The official is also 48 years old and until a year ago was Bülent L.’s partner in the so-called AGIA (working area intercultural tasks).

Among other things, AGIA deals with criminal offenses such as illegal entry, illegal prostitution and trade in duty-unpaid cigarettes. L. was transferred to the radio patrol service of Section 54 on Sonnenallee (Neukölln). Why – according to colleagues, a big secret was made of it.

As the police and public prosecutor’s office announced on Friday, investigators and special forces searched his living and office space from 6 a.m. “A mobile phone and various written documents were seized,” said a police spokesman.

The accused was taken into police custody for identification purposes and to secure DNA samples. After that he was released.

Colleagues shake their heads at the crime. “It must be clear that something like this will come out today.” It is still unclear how and from whom the two police officers found out about the money in the vehicle and what their motives were.

The explosive process could have consequences for the current head of the Department of Police Directorate 5. According to colleagues, there have been many misconducts in this area in the recent past, and the head of the department is dissatisfied.