Accomplice ‘Bolle Jos’ arrested in Eindhoven for drugs and money laundering

An arrest team arrested a suspected ‘contact’ of the wanted top criminal ‘Bolle’ Jos Leijdekkers early on Tuesday morning in Eindhoven. A warehouse in Nuenen was also searched.

The man who was arrested is 46 years old and lives in Eindhoven. He is suspected of drug trafficking and money laundering. During the search, officers found four crypto phones and three expensive watches. Whether they are real is still being investigated.

The Eindhove resident came into the picture during the investigation into the Sky ECC telephone service. Criminals sent millions of chat messages worldwide via that provider about all kinds of crime matters and thought no one could read along.

But police experts broke in with a hack and were able to watch live. That’s why Sky ECC’s database has been producing piles of evidence since it was rolled up in early 2022.

Everything indicates that the police and the judiciary are also dismantling the Leijdekkers network.

Jos Leijdekkers alias ‘Bolle Jos’ is the most wanted man in the country.

At the beginning of this year, the police arrested several relatives of Leijdekkers, including his father. This happened in Prinsenbeek, among others. They are suspected of money laundering.

In June, the police arrested 23 suspected accomplices and contacts of Leijdekkers in Turkey. Among them is the former right-hand man of Leijdekkers, Isaac ‘Bom’ B. from Rotterdam, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison last year for coke smuggling and another 6 years in Antwerp for membership of a crime organization.

Another important player in the network is Ocean S. In July, the court sentenced the Amsterdammer to 9 years in prison.

Jos Leijdekkers himself was tried in Liège earlier this year. But the court acquitted him of smuggling cocaine worth half a billion euros due to lack of evidence

Jos Leijdekkers is a fugitive and is on the National Investigation List. The golden tip that leads to him yields 200,000 euros.