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Natalie Estanguet, what were the beginnings of Bodegón like?

Our odyssey with Lucas began in 2004 when we met; We both came from failed relationships.

Lucas worked in his father’s bar, called América, I lived a few blocks from the bar at that time. One night, I went out to buy cigarettes at the kiosk that operated inside the bar, I realized that a man was following me, I don’t know if he wanted to rob me, I had forgotten my cell phone at home, and I asked Lucas to borrow his phone to I called my sister to come pick me up, but Lucas had a waiter from the bar accompany me to my house; and when he was leaving the waiter gave me a paper that Lucas had given him, where he said “this is my number, call me”.

After a few days I called him, we started going out, getting to know each other, he continued working with his father at the bar, and I continued working at the Municipality of Escobar. He liked gastronomy and so did I. And so we began to give shape to our dream of having a food house.

In 2016 we were given the opportunity to formally start our project, since a well-known person was selling goodwill from the gastronomic business he had. The place was not very big, but due to the location it was strategic. That’s how we decided, we pooled all the savings we had, and also selling our only vehicle, we bought the goodwill.

At first we continued with the same area that the business we bought had, which was the preparation and sale of pizzas and empanadas, but we realized that people were asking for something else, and we decided to make a 180 degree turn, and start with our dream of having a “STILL LIFE”being formally born like this, “THE LUCAS BODEGON” (by Natalia Estanguet).

What are the services you provide to the public?

At the moment, About Lucas Bodegón offers the widest variety of homemade food-style gastronomic services; both for consumption within the premises, as well as for delivery service.

How do you project the brand in the medium term?

Together with our team, we are working to About Lucas Bodegón becomes the name par excellence in gastronomic services style homemade food type Still life.

Furthermore, soon we will be formally launching our franchise, so that all those entrepreneurs who dream of having a restaurant like ours can also make their dream come true.

What are your differentials in the sector?

In addition to having the best attention from our staff, managing completely accessible prices, and always cooking with high quality raw materials.

At the same time, what certainly differentiates us is that our dishes are “Excessively abundant and very rich”; in About Lucas Bodegónyou eat until you say ““Enough, I don’t give more”!

If you were starting over, what would you do differently?

Our beginnings were hard, and in many moments very difficult; But those adversities were precisely what forged and prepared us to be who we are today.

The only thing I would do differently would be“Dream stronger”!

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