About 120 Dutch dental practices will be closed in the coming days due to cyber attack | Tech

Dutch dental practices of Colosseum Dental Benelux will remain closed for the next few days, as the company has been hit by a cyber attack. That reports RTL News Friday. It concerns about 120 practices.

The Colosseum Dental website is unavailable. According to the accompanying text, the site is currently unavailable “due to an IT outage”.

It is not known what kind of cyber attack the company had to deal with. It is also unclear whether patient data has been leaked and if so, which.

Only Dutch branches are affected, the company says RTL News. Colosseum Dental is going to report the attack to the police and has reported the attack to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This is mandatory in the event of a (presumed) data breach.

The dental company is investigating the incident with a third party and is working to restore its computer systems. The practices are expected to reopen gradually. But when that will be possible remains to be seen.