It occurred. She had to pass. The entire United States was waiting for the moment. Baseball, its king sport, had already prepared the throne for its new monarch, who is none other than a huge, tremendous, corpulent, large boy, 2.01 meters tall and weighing 127 kilos, who plays center fielder and who has a powerful right arm, but whose greatest virtue, the one that has already made him a myth, a new icon of the sport of baseball, is that he hits like no one else in history.

    Aaron Judgenicknamed ‘Judge’not only because of the translation of his surname, but because he decides the games with his hits, he became last night, this past morning, in the victory of his team, of course, the New York Yankeesthe mythical, movie set, of North American baseball, in Toronto (3-8), in the best batsman of all time by finally achieving, he had gone seven games without connecting ‘home run’, his ’61 home run’ in a regular season with what ties with the legendary Roger Maris after surpassing, a few weeks ago, the 60 of the mythical and popular Babe Ruth. It is curious that all three are Yankees players.

    The best ever

    I know that you know that there are ballplayers, hitters, with more ‘home runs’ than Judge, Ruth and Maris, like Barry Bonds (73) or Mark McGwire (70), but know that, in the United States, nobody considers ‘legal’ those marks, those records, because they were achieved at the time when baseball players took steroids and so Roger Maris himself said last night: “If Aaron achieves the ‘home rune’ number 62, with which he would beat my record And I hope he succeeds! He will be the true king of baseball & rdquor ;. And the ‘Judge’ still has seven games left to achieve that feat that, surely, he achieves, until the end of the regular season once the Yankees have already qualified for the ‘play offs’.

    Judge, who started in baseball from California, who started very late, who entered the Major Leagues in 2017 and already showed his tremendous power at bat, spent three years with injuries and, in the end, has been able to succeed in the last seasons. “Judge & rdquor ;, explains Clemson Smith Muñiz, one of the North American commentators to El Periódico, “is obsessed with studying his batting and also with the pitches of his rivals. He’s been working really hard lately to be effective on the pitches he missed the most, hard ball up and to his chest and down ball and to his knee. Now, also when they throw him like that, he’s able to hit it out of the ballpark. Of course, Aaron does not waste his movements, he never makes a move to hit if he sees that the ball is not good & rdquor ;.

    Last night, at the Rogers Center in Toronto, where his mother Patty Judge (his father’s name is Wayne) and Roger Maris’s son were present in the stands, like every night in recent days, hit a ‘sinker’, that is, a descending fastball, which traveled from the arm of Toronto left-handed reliever Tim Mayza at 152 kilometers per hour, and propelled the ball at 189 km/h. (his most powerful hit of the season) outside the ‘diamond’. Judge’s 61st home run, with the game tied 3-3 in the seventh inning, helped the Yankees get ahead and start winning the game.

    Judge’s home rune ball has its history, of course it has its history! Many fans, throughout recent Yankees games, had paid up to $1,000 for a ticket behind the outfield of the stadiums where “The Judge” was supposed to send the ball that matched Maris’s record. Why? Because that ball, if it reached the hands of a fan, was not only historic but could be sold at auction for $250,000.

    Judge, who now earns $19 million a season, will be a “free agent” at the end of the year and has turned down a $30 million contract offered by the Yankees.

    The curious thing was that Judge’s hit sent the $250,000 ball (they say that the one with the authentic record, that of the ‘home rune’ No. 62, could get to suppose a whopping $1,250,000 for its owner) to the little field of warm-up of the pitchers or ‘bullpen’ of the local team, the Toronto Blue Jays, after brushing the glove of a spectator, Frank Lasagna, who narrowly caught it.

    A precious ball

    The ball, which was picked up by Toronto pitching coach Matt Buschmann, began a journey and a curious story there. The stadium was full of ‘certifiers’ from the MLB, the League organization, who had to certify, immediately, that this was Judge’s ‘home rune’ number 61 and Buschmann, they say, had to dribble a lot of false ‘certifiers’ and, in the end, he gave it to Zach Britton, one of the Yankees pitchers, whom he did know. And Britton certified it: “The Judge and Maris families have been flying all over the country to live this moment and they deserve that we have this ball with us & rdquor ;.

    The story of Judge, born in Linden, California, on April 25, 1992, and given up for adoption the next day (“when I was 10 years old, I noticed that I was very different from my parents, Patty and Wayne, and I asked them what It happened, they recognized me that I was adopted and I loved them even more for having given me so much love & rdquor;), he is going through these days, at this end of the campaign, a crucial moment: the economic one, because his contract ends with the Yankees when this campaign ends.

    millionaire contract

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    Judge, who started with the base salary in NY, is currently earning, being the best hitter in the history of USA baseball, 19 million dollars per season. The Yankees have offered to renew him for seven years and 213 million dollars, that is, for 30 million per season, when the highest paid in North American baseball, Max Scherzer, Mets pitcher, also from NY, earns 43 million per season.

    ‘The Judge’ will be a ‘free agent’ in a few weeks and, therefore, will be able to sign one of the best contracts in history. Nobody thinks that the Yankees can improve their offer and everyone looks at the mighty Mets and, of course, the Los Angeles Dodgers as possible teams that are interested in the ‘record man’. Neither the Mets nor the Dodgers would mind paying the penalty, the so-called “salary tax,” imposed by the League on those clubs that pay their players more than they should.