A successful tradition: temporary neighborhood campsite Molenwijk has reopened

It’s there again: the neighborhood campsite in Molenwijk. And once again the initiative is a success. One hundred Haarlemmers spend Saturday and Sunday there. It is mainly families who cannot afford an outing. Thanks to a parade of volunteers, they are offered a mini-holiday on the banks of the Molenplas in Schalkwijk for the fifth consecutive year. And they enjoyed it, as this video shows.

The campsite is not just for the minimum. There are also people who can afford it and just pay. “This creates a nice mix,” says Riet Ooms, volunteer of the neighborhood camp and chairman of the Wijkraad Molenwijk. Ooms hopes that the combination of campers will lead to ‘connection.’ In the streets of Schalkwijk, that happens far too little, according to her, but everything is different at the campsite. “Then the threshold to approach each other is much lower. I’ve already seen a few nice examples of that today. Yes, it really meets a need.”