A strange video of Kim Jong-un is spreading

Last September, Kim met with Vladimir Putin. PDO

About the dictator of North Korea About Kim Jong-un an old video went viral at the end of January, which is being admired around the world.

called Historic Vids X account sharing a video of Kim and her daughter Kim Ju-ae following a volleyball match.

The teams visible on the field are in blue and red shirts. The hall’s stand is full of soldiers dressed in white uniforms.

When Kim walks in, the crowd starts jumping robotically. When Kim enters the stands, the players on the field applaud.

Later in the video, Kim is seen laughing and smoking in a barracks with an officer in a white cap. At the end, Kim waves to the cheering crowd and leaves the audience with her daughter.

The video published on January 24 has 47.8 million views and over 141 thousand likes on X alone.

The comments are full of amazement and memes made from the video.

– The citizens look so annoyed when they are forced to act just to entertain Kim, writes the username JG568.

– This seems Wes Anderson’s from the movie, comment Tyler Shaw.

The video is genuine

Several people are wondering if the video could be genuine. Fact checking site of Snopes.com according to it is.

The video originally aired on August 29, 2023, on a news broadcast by the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea’s state television.

The broadcast covered Kim’s visit to North Korea’s naval headquarters two days before. The navy and air force teams met in the volleyball match.

You can watch the video starting at 29:24 from here.

Kim Jong-un has said that he loves playing basketball. In 2019, North Korea’s dictator asked the United States to send “famous basketball players” to normalize relations between the two countries. Two US officials told about it by ABC News by.