A shooting in a business in Florida (USA) leaves at least four dead, including the attacker


08/27/2023 at 00:23


A special forces SWAT team engaged in a shootout with the armed suspect inside the store.

A shooting starring a man who was persecuted in Jacksonville, north of Florida (USA) has left at least four dead this Saturday in the vicinity of a well-known business in the city, including the author of the shots, according to various local media.

Mayor Donna Deegan confirmed that there were “multiple victims” in a shootout involving a white man who had barricaded himself in a local business.

According to multiple sources cited by the local news4jax, around 12:45 local time (16:45 GMT). a man suspected of being the shooter was seen at Edward Waters University (EWU).

The suspect, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, hid behind the library of the aforementioned universityand although campus security tried to catch him, the man was able to flee from there.

His steps apparently led to a Dollar General chain store, where Fox 30 channel showed a special forces SWAT team in their vicinityin the Kings Road area near Canal Street while engaged in a gun battle with the armed suspect inside the store.

According to the media, details about exactly what happened are still scant, but the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) is expected to provide an update this afternoon.

A journalist from the local outlet Action News Jax pointed out that the shooter was wearing a camouflage suit and that he left a “manifesto” with some statement at his home in Clay County.

“This is unacceptable. One shooting is too much, but these mass shootings are really hard to bear,” the mayor told the local media, who appeared at the scene.

This shooting occurred the same day 5 years ago when a shooter killed 2 people and injured 11 others before shooting himself in a gaming tournament at the old Jacksonville Landing, he picked up News4jax.