A scary virus spreads on Apple computers: Steals bank card information

The malware steals bank card information and passwords from the user, among other things.

Mac computers are generally considered safe due to the low number of viruses. Illustration image. Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

Users of Mac computers manufactured by Apple have encountered a new malware. Told about it Laptop mag.

A virus called MacStealer can steal user data and share it with an attacker. The data under threat is, for example, iCloud keychain information stored in Apple’s cloud service, passwords, images and the user’s bank card information. The user’s possible cryptocurrency accounts are also vulnerable.

Vulnerable machines are new machines running macOS with Catalina or later. This includes systems using Intel, M1 and M2 processors.

Mac users tend to encounter viruses less often than Windows users because Windows has a larger user base. As Macs have become more popular, hackers have also become interested in their users.

The virus works through Telegram

The virus spreads to the computer via the Weed.dmg installation file, and infects the computer after receiving the password. After stealing the data, the virus sends the received data to the attacker via a bot in Telegram.

Telegram is a chat application similar to Whatsapp. Its founders are also known as the founders of VKontakte, the Russian equivalent of Facebook.

A user can get a virus without realizing it along with content downloaded from the Internet, such as an e-mail attachment.

There is no update available against the program. According to Laptopmag, the best way to protect yourself from the program in question is to update your computer and be careful not to download applications from outside Apple’s application store.