A new shooting in the US leaves at least four dead in Florida

The American chain FOX has confirmed the death of at least four people in the American city of Jacksonville, in the state of Florida, in what could be a mass shooting happened this Saturday and that has triggered a major police response. The incident occurred around 13.00 (local time, 7:00 p.m. in Spain) between the roads of King’s Road and canal streetin the east of the city and relatively close to the Edward Waters Universitypolice sources have reported to the local channel News4Jax.

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In brief statements collected by the media, the mayoress Dona Deegan has indicated that the shooting could be extremely serious. “This is unacceptable. One shooting is too much but these mass shootings are very difficult to take,” she said. Also according to the mayor, the suspect in the shooting is An individual that right now is entrenched in a supermarket of the chain Dollar General.

Deployed helicopter

Accompanying Deegan in the vicinity of the incident are Duval County Sheriff TK Waters and Duval County Police Chief, Keith Powers. The Jacksonville Police has deployed a helicopter in the area and a special intervention team (SWAT) to the scene of the incident, which is now completely cordoned off.