A new scam is spreading – Bank credentials are at risk

The Cyber ​​Security Center warns of messages whose sole purpose is to gain access to the victim’s bank credentials.

The Cyber ​​Security Center says that it has received numerous reports of phishing messages in the past week, with which criminals have tried to obtain bank credentials.

Messages have been sent at least in the name of Omakanna and Suomi.fin. In scam messages, the recipient is advised to update their information by clicking on the link in the message. Fraudsters try to create a sense of urgency by emphasizing that it is necessary to update the information by a certain date.

The link leads to a website that looks genuine, but is fake, where the victim is asked to identify himself with bank credentials. The Cybersecurity Center warns that information entered on the site can end up in the hands of criminals.

The link leading to the site has been disguised as a Suomi.fi address, but actually has a .com ending.

Also watch out for another kind of message

In addition, fraudulent messages have been sent in the name of Suomi.fin, claiming that there are technical problems with the service’s mobile application. Under the guise of this, fraudsters try to get their victims to click on the link in the message, claiming that for now Suomi.fi messages can only be read through that link.

In reality, this link also leads to a fake site where bank credentials are stolen.

If you suspect that your bank ID has ended up in the wrong hands, contact your bank immediately.

Additional security from the mobile certificate

Bank credentials stay more secure if you use a mobile certificate for logins instead. When using it, you will not reveal your bank credentials when confirming your identity, if you happen to be on a scam website

Operators’ mobile certificates are secure tools that, in addition to a phone number, require a self-selected access code.

Source: Cyber ​​Security Center