A National Team Coach Stefan Kuntz and Hakan Çalhanoğlu spoke before the Scotland match!

A National Football Team Coach Stefan Kuntz said at the press conference before the Scotland match that they will face in the special match tomorrow at Diyarbakir Stadium, saying that their only goal is to get the best result in the 2024 European Football Championship qualifiers.

A National Football Team and Coach Stefan Kuntz, who landed in Diyarbakır at 17.00 today, went to Diyarbakır Stadium in the evening for training and press conference. Kuntz and national football player Hakan Çalhanoğlu made statements at the press conference for the friendly match to be played against Scotland tomorrow.

Stating that there is no missing player in the national team squad, Kuntz said, “There is only one goal in front of us right now. To get the best results in the European Championship qualifiers and to show the best performance. We will prepare for this.”

Pointing out that the most memorable are the painful experiences, Kuntz said, “These are the things that you can learn the most from and that will be beneficial for you in the long term. Unfortunately, after the 4 wins we had in the June camp, we were aiming to get 2 more wins to decorate it. It’s a pity. which we failed to achieve. But such scores can always come your way on long-term roads. That’s why we are aware of this. I definitely expect a different team to be on the field in the upcoming matches. Because our 11 missing players are with us in this camp. If all experienced players are in the squad, it has a great impact on other players. “The skeleton is sitting still. Since those players are with us in this camp, I think it will have a positive impact on other players,” he said.

“If we went to the World Cup right now, did Stefan Kuntz have any football players in mind?” To the question, Kuntz replied, “Since we have gathered the best current squad we have, this is our strongest squad, except maybe 1-2 names. We would probably participate in the World Cup with a staff like this.”


Reminding that Arda Güler, Emirhan İlkhan and Tayyip Talha Sanuç were included in the national team squad, Kuntz said, “Right now, Arda’s situation in Fenerbahçe goes to a different place as time takes and the number of training increases. He can better reflect his game on the field. Inviting him to the field. “This is the right time to play. There are players in our squad from his teammates, as well as other experienced players that he can learn from in this camp. That’s why I wanted to see him here and I’m happy for that.”

Answering a question about Rıdvan Yılmaz, who plays for Scotland’s Rangers team, Kuntz said, “Of course, he is a player we expect a lot from. His development was stalled for a few weeks because he was injured. I think his injury will pass and he will return to the team by the end of the year. Of course, we are watching him. “I will come to Glasgow to watch their games,” he said.


National football player Hakan Çalhanoğlu also expressed that he was happy to be in Diyarbakır and that they were welcomed very well. Emphasizing that tomorrow’s match is important, Hakan Çalhanoğlu said, “Even if it is a preparation match, we will take it seriously. We will go out on the field to win.”

Expressing his views on the World Cup, Hakan said, “I am very sorry that we could not participate in the World Cup. Frankly, I will never look at the matches. I know that I will burn as I look at it. This will make me very sad. We will develop to participate in the tournaments. We have time. Our important matches will start in March. We will be well prepared,” he said.


Emphasizing that he is happy to be included in the A National Football Team, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Arda Güler and Emirhan İlkhan said:

“Both Arda and Emirhan are young players. I hope they get a lot of time in their clubs. I would like them to take even more time. They are young to a point. When I look at the matches, I see that Arda came into the game later. I listen to what the coach (Jorge Jesus) says. ‘We must always protect. ‘ He says. I think protection is to a certain extent. Whenever a young player wants to gain experience, he has to play. I played at a young age and gained experience like that. I hope Arda and Emirhan will take a lot of time. Because they have that potential. I think there is no need to protect.”

Emphasizing that young football players should go to the leagues in Europe, Hakan Çalhanoğlu said, “They need to show themselves there. It is always my wish for them to increase their value even more.”