A mother arrested for brutally attacking her three-year-old son

A 29 year old woman faces serious accusations of child abuse in sunny isles beach, Florida (USA)after being caught on camera while attacked his own three-year-old son old. The shocking scene, published in a video which could offend sensitivities, has shocked the local community and social networks.

On Tuesday, the mother named Yulia Storozhuk was arrested and faces two counts of child abuse, according to the arrest report presented by authorities. The incident allegedly occurred in an apartment block located where a neighbor’s security camera showed moments of extreme violence by Storozhuk towards the minor.

According to the American television channel WTVJ, the images show Storozhuk holding his 3-year-old son, lifting him off the ground and throwing him hard to the ground around nine o’clock last Monday night. The violence does not end there, since, while the boy lies on the ground, Storozhuk beats him brutally on two occasions. Then she grabs him by the face and throws him back to the ground when he tries to sit up.

The seriousness of these acts has caused consternation, and the police have described Storozhuk as a “monster” for his inhuman behavior. The footage also shows how Storozhuk continues to assault the boy out of camera range.

A second videorecorded approximately 40 minutes after the first incident, shows Storozhuk pushing the boy in the chest, causing him to fall backwards and make a painful impact on the ground.

After a investigation Later, it was determined that the child showed signs of abuse, including redness on the cheek and forehead, as well as bruising on the right forearm and left knee. In addition, wounds were observed on her stomach and back. The boy told investigators that Storozhuk had also scratched him.

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The result of this situation was the arrest of Yulia Storozhuk, who now faces serious legal consequences. The authorities have intervened to ensure the safety and well-being of the child. Nevertheless, the woman was released from prison midweek and told reporters that he loves his son and wants to see him. She also apologized for the mistreatment: “I’m so sorry, I won’t do it again.“said Storozhuk.

The judge has ordered Storozhuk to remain away from her son and not communicate with him no way. The woman will be processed in 30 days.