After the second half of the year, time seems to speed up. Part of this impression is generated an agenda of proposals very intense, in what is considered the high season of events. Art is no stranger to this phenomenon: in the next few weeks alone, Buenos Aires will host five fundamental initiatives in this world, ranging from plastic art to literature and architecture.

    Meeting spaces

    The art week It is an event organized by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, from September 27 to October 4, which seeks to intervene in different spaces of the city. Thus, the city proposes an interdisciplinary and free program, creating a large open-air museum with exhibitions, talks, performances, documentary screenings, tributes to national artists, training modules and activities to enjoy in squares, theaters, subway stations and other urban spots. “The Art Week is the reflection of the joint work to continue strengthening and amplifying our offer of contemporary art. It is one of the most complete and diverse proposals in the city, because it is integrated into the public space”, he illustrates. Henry AvogadroMinister of Culture of the city of Buenos Aires.

    The proposal includes rediscovering the city through 10 works by local artists, which were selected in an open call to which more than 300 projects applied. These explore diverse techniques and range from painting and sculpture to photography and digital art. They can be seen in spaces such as the Botanical Garden, Colón Factory and Rivadavia Park, among other points. The complete program can be downloaded from the City Government website.

    Pelli-Clarke Building

    The focus on architecture

    Buenos Aires’ romance with art continues with the Architecture Biennale in its 18th edition, from September 28 to October 2, at the Faena Art Center. For the first time, admission will be free and free, and its main themes will be inclusion, integration, sustainability and the transformation of urban centers. The central exhibition will be a novelty: it will have a totally digital exhibition mode, presenting a technological support proposal with 50 invited architecture studios together with 120 projects selected in an open call. All of them will participate for the Biennial Grand Prize. Digitality will also allow access to conferences with major international figures, such as Patrik Schumacher, from the Zaha Hadid Architects team, or Juan Lucas Young, from Sauerbruch Hutton.

    Open House

    Among its different proposals for meetings, urban tours stand out, where Open House Buenos Aires is one of the most acclaimed. On its tenth anniversary, this event, which is also held in the most important capitals of the world, will be held on October 1 and 2, opening the doors of more than 160 spaces and buildings in the city of great architectural, cultural and heritage value. The vast majority do not require prior registration, and information on each building can be found on the Open House Buenos Aires website. Some of this year’s gems? The Mueblería Díaz, the iconic chalet on a building on Avenida 9 de Julio, the Palacio de Aguas Corrientes, the Casa Cubo or the Barrio Parque Los Andes. In all cases, the visits will be guided by the architects who designed those spaces, the owners or a team of volunteers (which this year exceeds 800, a record).

    the art festival

    The celebration continues Filba, the International Literature Festival, which takes place from September 28 to October 2, both in digital and face-to-face versions. The face-to-face talks and conferences will take place in Malba, the Recoleta Cultural Center, the Ruth Benzacar Gallery and the Eterna Cadencia and Aristipo bookstores. “We invite you to pause and enjoy five days of literature, in which the transformative power of this circulates among writers and readers,” they propose from the organization.

    Laura Anderson

    And what can be done in these five days? Witness interviews, dialogues, workshops, readings, poetry recitals, performances, live illustration, writing marathons and even the possibility of bringing your own books and taking others, a barter in times of crisis. And the always tempting opportunity to meet the favorite authors who this year are figures like Laurie Anderson, Andres Barba, Pedro Mairal, and Leila Guerriero, just to name a few. The meeting will be opened by Maria Negroni. Program and registration for the activities that require it, on the Filba website.

    Maria Negroni

    The closure of these effervescent weeks of creativity will be in charge of arteba, on October 7, 8 and 9 at the Costa Salguero Center. Seeking to take advantage of the movement of the long weekend, the most important art fair in the region aims to be a meeting point for artists, gallery owners, curators, collectors, buyers and cultural workers, as well as public from all walks of life. ages in its 31st edition.


    More than 400 artists will be presented in the categories Main Section (established galleries), Stage (the new generation) and Utopia (experimental projects and emerging artists). At the same time, an artistic program will be offered that seeks to account for the wide diversity of existing formats for contemporary production. “Our programming gives rise to the development of reflections on fundamental issues such as sustainability, the relationship with our bodies and the bodies of others, the possibility of incorporating experience as an alternative way of thinking and the link we establish with technology”, they illustrate from the organization.

    When it comes to art in Buenos Aires, the table is set and there are dishes for all tastes. It’s just a matter of opening the agenda and making a space for each appointment.

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