A mistake from the wrong can cost Ronaldinho millions

Ronaldinho made a costly mistake in 2012.

Ronaldinho has represented both cola giants during his career. PDO

When the brass legend Ronaldinho returned to his home country to play in 2012, the man had a sponsorship deal with Coca-Cola worth £500,000 a year.

Ronaldinho still took a sip from a can of Pepsi at a press conference for his new club Atletic Mineiro, which was a big mistake. Coca-Cola issued a press release soon after.

– Coca-Cola is aware of Ronaldinho’s career and value. However, due to recent developments, it is impossible to continue the cooperation.

Thus, one sip from the wrong can could cost Ronaldinho a few million, because the sponsorship deal with Coca-Cola was valid until 2014.

The puncture happened right at the beginning of Atletic Mineiro’s career, but since Pepsi was a sponsor of the brass club, it would probably have happened sooner or later.

For Ronaldinho, grabbing a can of Pepsi may have come from an old habit, as he served as the advertising face of that cola drink during the peak years of his career in the early 2000s.

Ronaldinho, 43, ended his handsome playing career in 2015. In addition to the brass clubs, he represented PSG, Barcelona and AC Milan in Europe. In the national team, the man played 97 matches and won, among other things, the world championship in 2002.

The ball juggler was chosen twice (2004 and 2005) as the best player in the world.

After his football career, Ronaldinho has been in financial difficulties and received a prison sentence after traveling with a fake passport. He has also suffered from alcoholism.

Source: Sportsbrief

A familiar sight: Ronaldinho with a smile on his face on the football field. The man still plays a lot of charity matches. Photo from July. DiaEsportivo / Alamy Stock Photo