A merciless blow to Finland’s medal sports

Not a single boxer, wrestler, paddler or rower is currently making it to next summer’s Olympic Games in Paris.

Mira Potkonen is an Olympic boxing medalist from the previous two Summer Olympics. The career of a supporter of the Tampere Ilves ice hockey team is over, and no followers have reached the top of the world. Pasi Liesimaa

Finland’s medal sports of the past years are getting cold.

Mira Potkonen with two bronze medals (2016 and 2021) and Jyri Kjäll With Barcelona’s 1992 Olympic bronze, they have brought Summer Olympic medals to Finland over the past 30 years or so.

– The situation at the moment is that the Finnish Olympic place in boxing in Paris 2024 does not seem very likely in boxing, says the manager of the Finnish team at the Paris Games Leena Paavolainen.

The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing are remembered Sanna Sten and Minna Nieminen Olympic silver in women’s light double rowing.

– Finland has not had rowers in the Olympic Games since Beijing 2008, and in light of the results, the same trend will continue in Paris.

Wrestling has been one of Finland’s parade sports, as the blue and whites have won 26 gold, 28 silver and 29 bronze medals during the summer Olympic history. The most recent value plate twisted from Greco-Roman molski is Marko Yli-Hannuskelan silver in 74 kg in 2004 from Athens.

– In wrestling, as in all martial arts, Olympic places are very tight. Arvi Savolainen is basically right near the absolute peak and Elias Kuosmanen mixed Konsta Mäenpää meet the criteria of a top-8 athlete, but we still don’t have a place in Paris, commented Paavolainen.

The most recent Finnish Olympic medal in canoeing is Mikko Kolehminen gold in the kayak units 500 meters from Barcelona in 1992.

Miko’s son is chasing a place in Paris Eero Kolehmainen in kayak pairs Jeremy Hakalan with.

– Kayaking has potential, even though there are still no places to land in Paris.

One top sport

Finland’s rowing success has collapsed since Pertti Karppinen’s golden years. In the photo, Beijing 2008 Olympic silver medalists Sanna Sten and Minna Nieminen. Kari Kuukka

The elite sports unit of the Olympic Committee published the enhancement support decisions on Tuesday.

The unit named sailing as the only top sport. Support of 340,000 euros will be distributed to the sailing team.

– The main difference from other sports is that the top sports have medal potential for more athletes, explains Paavolainen.

For example, athletics receives more euros, a total of 667,000 euros, but it belongs to the second category as an investment sport. A total of 16 sports have received the same status.

Wilma Murron The World Championship bronze medal last season was the first global medal in athletics in eight years. Success at the EC level is not enough when talking about the top ranking.

Athletics will be the largest Finnish sports group in Paris. The Olympic Committee estimates that more than 30 Finnish track and field athletes will make it to the five ring games. According to the current forecast, the number of Finnish participants in sailing is 4–11 athletes.

Money for parquet

Will Finland be left without a wrestling spot at the 2024 Paris Summer Games? In the picture, Rami Hietaniemi, who competed in Rio 2016, is twisting on a molski. Pasi Liesimaa

Athletics and sailing are Finland’s two biggest sports groups in Paris, unless, against all odds, the men’s national basketball team grabs an Olympic ticket from the summer qualifying tournament.

In 2024, the elite sports unit will distribute an enhancement support of no less than 465,000 euros for basketball.

Other sports receiving more than 100,000 euros are football 310,000, volleyball 310,000, shooting sports 195,000, wrestling 190,000, swimming 175,000, gymnastics 138,000, judo 135,000 and tennis 100,000.

Of the sports not included in the Olympic program, orienteering receives 140,000 euros and floorball 110,000 euros.

Kayaking, 45,000 euros, and boxing, 6,000 euros, are considered third-category development sports by the Olympic Committee.