A massive collection of signatures demands “immediate elections” in the United Kingdom

10/03/2022 at 03:29


The more than 400,000 signatories criticize the management of the economy of the Government of Prime Minister Liz Truss

A request that requires “immediate” general elections in the The United Kingdom has exceeded 400,000 signatures, a figure much higher than the necessary number –100,000– for its debate in Parliament to be considered.

The growing number of signatures, which accumulates some 4,000 new signers every hour, reflects the tension of societywhich regrets the management of the economy by the Government of Prime Minister Liz Truss, collects the Bloomberg agency.

“The chaos in which the UK Government is plunged is unprecedented”reads the petition, which was launched ahead of the budgets announced in late September by recent Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng. In these weeks, the country has seen how the pound sterling plummeted to an all-time low and the Bank of England has stepped in to prevent pension funds from going bankrupt.

“Let the people decide who leads us in this confusion,” the petition states.

Parliament has not set a date for this debate. At this time, there are more than a dozen applications –14– awaiting parliamentary debate. Nevertheless, This petition is by far the one with the most signatories.

For its part, the Truss government has responded that “The UK is a parliamentary democracy, not a presidential one.“. In this sense, the Executive has argued that the 2019 general elections justify its continuation in power because “there is a majority (of the Conservative Party) in the House of Commons”.

“A change of leader of the ruling party does not trigger a general electionthis situation has also been experienced under governments of successive political colors”, indicates the response of the Cabinet.

In addition, they have reiterated the priorities of the Prime Minister. “(Truss) is determined to address the challenges facing the country and ensure opportunity and prosperity for all people and future generations,” they recall, citing Truss’ speech on September 6.