A leader of a Marseille drug trafficking clan arrested in Lloret de Mar

The National Police arrested in Lloret de Mar one of the top leaders of a criminal clan that fights to obtain hegemony ofl drug trafficking in the city of Marseille. This is “a dangerous fugitive” who was wanted by a Marseille court accused of leading this drug gang. and ordering murders of people linked to rival clans.

Based on a European Arrest and Surrender Order from the French authorities, the National Police managed to detect the presence ofand the suspect’s romantic partner at a home in Lloret de Mar. For this reason, the French prosecutor’s office requested a European Investigation Order, since there was a possibility that the fugitive accompanied his partner, despite the fact that he was hiding from the authorities.

Since he was a dangerous fugitive, the police developed a joint device between agents from several police stations and asked the court of Blanes the authorization to make an entry and registration from the home of the suspect’s partner.

The intervention was carried out by the Police Special Operations and Security Group for “the danger of the fugitive“, who was arrested and placed at the disposal of the Central Court of Investigation of the National Court for extradition.

An order in April

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According to police in April 2023 in the French region of Aix-en-Provence, Several hitmen from a drug trafficking group tried to kill a woman from a rival gang. Three of them were arrested and declared that the attack was committed within a war that had been taking place between two rival drug trafficking clans in Marseille.

The French Police consider that the fugitive detained in Lloret de Mar is one of the top leaders of one of these criminal groups, which is fighting to gain control of drug trafficking in the city of Marseille. In addition, he is the instigator of other murders of people linked to rival clans. For all this he could face a life sentence in France.