A judge will make public the detailed inventory of the documents seized from Trump

A detailed inventory of the material seized by agents of the FBI in the search of Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago It will see the light soon, opening the door to more details about what materials the former president of the United States irregularly took to Florida after leaving the White House. The federal judge Aileen Cannon has adopted the decision this Thursday in a hearing, which was focused on Trump’s request that a “special expert” to review that material.

In this central theme independent monitor the judge has not announced a decision after the hearing this Thursday but has assured that will communicate it in writing “at some point & rdquor;. During the hearing, moreover, he has given signs that ratify his tendency to approve the requestat one point asking opposing Justice Department lawyers: “what would be the damage?”

The magistrate has also admitted that she is considering, whatever she decides on the permit, allowing agents of the intelligence communitybut not the FBI or the Department of Justice, keep checking the documents.

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Attorneys for Justice have repeatedly asked Cannon not to interrupt his criminal investigationsemphasizing that the search was carried out with a judicial authorization to obtain “evidence of three significant federal crimes&rdquor ;, referring to the violation of the Espionage Law and two other criminal statutes.

While the Trump’s defense downplays the significance of potential irregularities committed by the former president when he left the White House with documents, including classified and “top secret”, which should have been left in the hands of the government. At the hearing this Thursday, one of those lawyers, for example, compared the conflict over the material with “a dispute over a book not returned to a library on time”. The lawyer has also accused the Department of Justice of being “criminalizing & rdquor; the Presidential Archives Law, which he has said contemplates negotiations between a former president and the National Archives.