‘A fresh sweet drink’ – NRC

A few years ago I read a recipe for limoncello NRC. During the next holiday in Italy I bought a few bottles of 95 percent alcohol to make limoncello at home. Stubborn as I am, I adjusted the recipe slightly: I left the peels of 6 lemons in a liter of alcohol for longer (6 weeks instead of 3 to 4 weeks) for a more intense flavor, and I used less sugar: 400 grams in a liter of alcohol. liter of water. To this I added the strained alcohol. It is a fresh, sweet drink with an intense lemon flavor. People in my area like it so much that they bring bottles of 95 percent alcohol with them from vacation and ask if I would like to make that delicious limoncello. I always like to do this for family, friends and colleagues. In addition to my work as a nurse, I like to make tasty things for others. That’s also a bit of caring for people. When I give it away, I can’t resist suggesting some recipes to use this yellow gold. For example, make a fresh tiramisu with limoncello and lemon curd.