‘A forgiving recipe’ – NRC

The recipe for flat brownies was attractive and fairly easy to make, I already had all the ingredients at home. I thought 82 percent chocolate was a bit too pure, so I replaced half of it with German Lohmann Mandel-Milch-Nuss chocolate (no relation, but a nice name) of 26 percent. I think the hint of hazelnut suits the recipe. Because it is a bit different from classic brownies, I have enriched the recipe with a teaspoon of ginger powder and 100 grams of orangeade. This made the batter a little firmer, but it was still easy to distribute over the baking tray. It’s a forgiving recipe because you can adapt it a little to your pantry: for example, a little more chopped almonds and a little less almond flour or vice versa. Result: delicious! Indeed a surprising combination of nougat-like chewiness and crispiness of the chopped almonds. The recipe goes down in the book, known to the grandchildren as the ‘Ouwe Makkers baker’s book’. Next time double the quantity.