A fiery scene in Tempers – The reason is a new single woman: “Stop now!”

Inkku, familiar from the previous Tempparit season, takes over the men’s island. BEWARE OF PLOT REVEALS!

Nico immediately recognized who the new Saarelainen was. Teemu Laitinen

Temptation Island Finland -in the next episode of the program, you will experience Christmas-themed surprises, when new residents are added to both the men’s and women’s islands.

The already famous Tempparei arrives on Men’s Island Inku. He participated in the seventh production season of the show.

A large gift package awaits the islanders in the yard, from which Inkku pops out. All the islanders are confused, but the reserved man Nico is the most absent minded of all.

– Holy shit. It’s bad now, Nico says to the other men when he sees Inku.

On the women’s island, Waltteri came out of the pack. Teemu Laitinen

Nico later opens up to the cameras about his feelings about Inku’s arrival. He reveals that they know each other from before.

– There was a guy from the past with whom I had fun. I can’t say ex now, but if we talk Ex on the beach -level ex, then it’s an ex, Nico describes.

Ex on the beach – show, it is usual that there has not been a great romance between two people, but the favorite has been able to flirt passionately.

– I have a strong feeling that I finally got the right kind of attraction here, Emilia says to the cameras, Sinku-Emilia describes to the cameras.

The islanders ask what Inku’s attack replica might be. He uses the same line as in the previous TIS season.

– My favorite drink is still wine: 24 cents sinks easily and quickly, Inkku shakes.

Emotions are heating up

At the evening’s party, there is a nasty scene when Nico and Inkku spend the whole evening together. This doesn’t fit For Elmerwho would like to spend time with Nico.

– That looks really fucking embarrassing! Everyone else in the group is natural, but you’re such a fucking fake, really, Elmer insults Inkua Nico.

– I don’t know why he interferes so much in Nico’s activities. It was funny that Nico was really chill and nice, but it bothered him much more, Inkku thinks confusedly about Elmer’s behavior.

The situation soon escalates when Inkku asks Nico to the swimming pool. This does not go well with Elmer.

– I didn’t come here to grind anyone’s shit! I didn’t come here looking for any drama, Inkku explains to Nico.

Elmer states that Nico’s behavior annoys him.

– Now shut up! Nico yells at Elmer.

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