A dramatic match in the SM league

One match was played in the SM league.

Jesse Joensuu took on Otto Latvala. Elmeri Elo / All Over Press

Ässät twice came from a losing position to a draw against Ilves, but was unable to get past.

Ilves won 4–3 at the end of extra time, when Sami Niku completed the first goal of his Ilves career. Ilves was close to deciding the match already in the third period, but Ässie’s goalkeeper Niklas Rubin forced the game into overtime.

Ilves started the match very strongly, when Matias Mäntykivi took a 1-0 lead after just four minutes.

Moments later, Ilves already pushed for a 2–0 lead when Otto Latvala completed his first hit of the season.

Emotions heated up properly in the second period, when Latvala and Ässie captain Jesse Joensuu clashed properly. The two leaned after the whistle, as a result of which Joensuu’s helmet came off. After the situation, Joensuu sent his verbal greetings to the Ilves defender and the second head referee of the match.

Ässät managed to score a moment after the scrimmage, when Will Graber lifted the puck with his knuckle into Ilves’ goal and made it 1-2.


In the third set, the people of Pori came back twice from a losing position to a draw. Roope Talaja scored a 2-2 equalizing goal in the opening minutes of the set, but Mäntykivi took Ilves into the lead again.

However, Eemil Erholtz, who joined the Lions, leveled the game after the half of the set from Lenni Hämeenaho’s wonderful pass.

Ilves’ Ville Meskanen got to a high-quality scoring position at the very end of the set, but Rubin blocked it.

Ilves had other chances in the third period and was also able to create them in overtime before Niku managed to score.

Ilves continues at the top of the SM league. Despite the loss, Aces climbed to the last playoff spot past KooKoo.