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THEn support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is celebrated in October, an initiative linked to sport and the physical and mental well-being of women undergoing oncological treatments organized on Lake Maggiore on September 24th. A day on a sailing boat, kayak and yoga dedicated to women with breast cancerthanks to the collaboration of LILT Novara and of Italian Naval League (LNI) – Meina section.

Breast cancer prevention: the tests to be done

Breast cancer: a special day on Lake Maggiore

The September 24thfrom 9 am to 5 pm, the patients of theOncological Rehabilitation clinic of the SCDU Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (Breast Corporate Unit) they will be able to spend a moment of sharing, sport and information on the importance of carrying out adequate physical activity in healing path and breast cancer treatment.

The initiative was conceived and strongly supported by LILT Novara and from Italian Naval League (LNI) – Meina section, together with the Municipality of Meina, the Coni Piemonte, while the Upo and the Cus gave the patronage.
Sponsor of the day will be the Medi company which produces medical devices.

Breast cancer

Information to participate

The event on Sunday 24 September is aimed at patients belonging to theOncological Rehabilitation clinic of the SCDU Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (Breast Corporate Unit).

Where it takes place: at the Lega Navale Italiana section of Meina, in Via Sempione, 112 – Meina (NO)

Each participant will be given a free welcome kit.
For registration contact the number 0321.3734887.

Breast cancer and the benefits of sport

Initiatives like these are fundamental to accompanying women towards recovery. Why important part of the care, in all pathologies and even more so in oncological ones, it is correct and regular physical activity. Many studies have in fact shown that it sport, especially if done in company and in the open airin addition to the benefits for physical recovery, promotes well-being on a mental and mental level improves response to therapies.

A sailing trip together with the members of the Naval League of Meinaor a kayak row or a yoga session can in fact infuse new energy into women undergoing oncology therapy and help them regain awareness of their body, regaining psycho-physical well-being.

Breast cancer: the new data speak clearly

Some data to better understand the importance of prevention and initiatives like this. Only in 2022 were they registered in Italy approximately 55,700 new diagnoses of breast cancer. Today, thanks to research and health treatments, the cure rate reaches important numbers (after 5 years over 87%).

Therapies and physical and mental consequences

They play a central role in breast cancer therapy chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiotherapy and surgery, sometimes demolishing. But following such treatments, complications such as fatigability, depression, functional limitation of shoulder range of motion and, in some cases, upper limb lymphedema.

These conditions have a significant impact on psychophysical health and on the relationship life. Numerous studies have demonstrated how physical activity, particularly aerobic exercise, has multiple beneficial effects in patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well as in limit the complications of upper limb lymphedema.

Emotions after diagnosis

Women diagnosed with breast cancer are overwhelmed by a hurricane of emotions that makes them navigate a stormy sea. When the storm calms down, they emerge changed, both physically and spiritually. Taking your life back into control is difficult, despite adequate psychological support.

A targeted sporting activity, carried out in company and in Nature, can be the beginning to take care of one’s body and spirit and to understand that that hostile wind that overwhelms everything can now be tamed, to live and travel with the ” wind at your back.”