A dating app was found on the first date wife’s phone: “Cold rag for the face”

The first date participant had left the dating app on her phone despite the relationship. BEWARE OF PLOT REVEALS!

First date at the altar – in the ninth episode of the program, a crisis is experienced Alex’s and Riga between.

The couple has been tasked by the experts to go to a hotel to enjoy quality time together. The beginning went well, but at the end of the evening, the couple had a bigger argument related to intimacy.

– Aleksi said something that made me feel a little offended. After that, Aleksi said in what ways I had offended him and it became a really uncomfortable situation for both of us, Riia describes.

There was a crisis in the relationship between Aleksi and Riia. MTV / Viivi Häkkinen

Aleksi, on the other hand, describes that he felt rejected during the evening.

Dating elsewhere?

The situation took a nasty turn when Aleksi discovered something surprising about his wife. Riga has a dating app on her phone.

– Aleksi asked for my phone. I gave the phone to him and Aleksi found the Tinder application there, Riia tells the cameras.

– I myself deleted the ID from Tinder about three months ago, and it hasn’t been used since. I haven’t paid any attention to the whole application, but it was left there on the phone, and of course I understand that Aleksi was surprised and hurt by it. I also regretted that, he continues.

Aleksi says that he felt bad about the application.

– I noticed that Riia apparently still had the Tinder app on her phone. A bit like a cold rag on the face feeling in that moment, Aleksi says.

Aleksi was shocked by the dating app. MTV / Viivi Häkkinen

According to Aleksi, what meant the most to him was Riga’s reaction, or lack of reaction. Aleksista, the Tinder app was not as big a deal for Riiga as it was for him. Aleksi had thought that both of them would have given up other dating partners and alternatives.

– I tried to say that this is quite offensive to me, Aleksi continues.

Riia, on the other hand, says that she was troubled by Aleksi’s reaction to the Tinder application. Riia bursts into tears when talking about her past relationships.

– There were so many things that I can’t stand at all in any relationship. Then, when traits that she has experienced in previous relationships came out, they bother her, Riia cries.

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