A common mistake in using heat protection spray – The hairdresser warns

Many people remember to spray heat protectant before using a straightener, curler or hair dryer, but surprisingly often this product is used incorrectly.

Are you sure you are using enough heat protection product? Many people do spray heat protectant on their hair before heat treatment, but too little.

This has been noticed by a hairdresser and a Wella trainer Hanne Kuusinen-Ruohomäki.

It is especially important to use a heat protectant so that the hair is not damaged when using a straightener, curling iron or hair dryer. Heat protection primarily protects the hair and keeps it in good condition.

– Secondly, it directly affects the durability of the hair dye. Especially in light and pastel-toned hair, the color starts to fade without proper heat protection, Kuusinen-Ruohomäki emphasizes.

Hair color also lasts longer in healthy hair. Pictured are Jasmine Tookes and Miranda Kerr. All Over Press

Heat protection also reduces the effects of mechanical stress on the hair and prevents hair breakage and damage.

How you succeed

Make sure you use heat protection correctly and in sufficient quantities:

– Start by dividing the hair into smaller parts, so that you can get the product all over the hair. For long hair, you should add at least three sprays to the entire length, i.e. from root to tip. For shorter hair, two sprays are enough, Kuusinen-Ruohomäki instructs.

Watch the video for instructions on how much heat protection should be used in the hair. Unsplash, Autri Taheri

– Finally, comb the hair to ensure that the product is spread evenly throughout. Only then can you heat treat your hair safely.

Watch the video to see how you can do it.

What kind of protection?

Also take into account that different devices have different temperatures and need different degrees of protection.

– A protective product intended for a lower temperature of around 160-180 degrees is sufficient in the hairdryer. There is a reason to add another layer of protective product to shaping heating devices, which protection should be higher, for example a product intended for 200–230 degrees, he says.

Different heating devices have different high temperatures: so make sure that the heat protection product you use protects the hair when using each device. Unsplash by Baylee Gramling

So which products are suitable for which situation? For example, many leave-in conditioners today already include heat protection.

– It depends on the product and its composition, which one suits who. For example, cream-like products fit well under the hair dryer and are easier to apply evenly to wet hair. Instead, finer sprays work well for dry hair, advises Kuusinen-Ruohomäki.

It is important to apply heat protection throughout the hair. Unsplash by Jimmy Fermin

Kuusinen-Ruohomäki also reminds that a heat protection product is added to the hair first and only after, for example, a volumizing foam or other styling product.

Try these:

The light Kevin Murphy Heated Defense heat protection foam protects both from the heat of heat tools and from mechanical damage to the hair, such as stress caused by a hair brush and hair accessories. Heat protection extends up to 232 degrees. Easy to spread all over and the hair doesn’t feel heavy. A sufficient and caring product makes the hair shiny and easy to handle. The product is vegan and sulfate-free. 27.90 e, Hair salon product.

The easy-to-use Moroccanoil Perfect Defense heat protection spray was spread evenly throughout the entire hair shaft during the test use. The perfect base product before styling with heat devices, especially for dry hair. Protects hair up to 230 degrees. Contains nourishing vitamins and moisturizing argan oil. Plus the charming and fresh fragrance world. 28.90 e, Wild curl.

Silicone-free K18 hair oil corrects hair fluffiness and polypeptide chains in the hair structure. Moisturizes and repairs the surface of damaged hair thanks to sunflower oil, hemisqualane and squalane. Plus the sufficiency of pleasant hair oil and heat protection. 79 e, Salon Bloom.

Curbing frizz and breakage, Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Leave-In Treatment cream is suitable for repairing damaged hair. The full-bodied and luxurious-feeling care product promises to repair and care for the hair comprehensively: from the scalp to the core. Protects hair color from fading and heat styling damage. Heat protection up to 230 degrees. 49.90 e, Piece of Hair.

Biozell’s Keratin heat and styling spray from the domestic market series promises to protect hair from the harm of heat treatment up to 220 degrees. The affordable familiarity was a great help for processing hair and protecting hair from heat damage. The hair felt elastic and flexible, which made it easier to handle. Plus the product’s UV and moisture protection. Made in Finland. 7.10 e, Tokmanni.

Ghd Bodyguard heat protection spray is suitable for all hair types. The finely divided and high-quality product is light enough even for thin hair. Hair looks and feels healthy and remains soft. There are new versions also separately for light and colored hair. 30 e, Ghd.

The Smoothing Serum from the domestic Promise hair salon series makes frizzy, rough and dry hair charmingly healthy and shiny right after the first use. This vegan product also contains heat protection. The smoothing serum is also very sufficient. 14.90 e, Hair and a hole.

Briogeo Color Me Brilliant Mushroom + Bamboo Color Protect Primer is a leave-in styling cream that promises to prevent hair color fading in particular. The styling cream has a heat protection of 230 degrees. The pleasant cream is easy to apply all over freshly washed hair, especially long hair. Contains, among other things, nutritious linseed, apricot and sunflower oils. 28.90 e, Kicks.

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Flatliner Heat Protection heat protection spray protects hair from heat up to 230 degrees. The product has been developed especially for people who use straightening irons diligently. Works on both dry and wet hair. It also curbed frizz and left hair feeling soft and airy. Excellent price-quality ratio. 15.90 e, Stockmann.

Product images: manufacturers.